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These are the. . .


At Tao lan tayo para makita ang ating kalayaan sa ating bulag na sensitibong buhay.

Once a life upon a string all we had were clue in twine.

Where a love not given of,

It came a blood sacrifice not ours to have or not.

Only shown.

Pero para saan la kung ang ating daliri at mata,

Waking makita kundi ang magandang,



LG to any else in between that 

All consume and kept

what it isn’t,

still be entertained,

of a glory that technology can and does offer.

Please check bags before this,

Verse of a prose that loves

All poetics transpose,

From memory and thought.

Not just for the sake of traffic,


Or even click bait.


Ms. Dickinson would weep for us.

Even Father Poe will have tears for mankind today.

Only Lovecraft can state all of its worth not to have not

Lady Plath would be in so much pain not for her,

Only the future of her children and grandchildren.




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™ Xenobyt 

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