NsVs #0007.y88

What sense do I sense,

When all of my senses do come up,

since the day my life came up

Where all of my bad and good experiences,

never were a sense to me.

Yet I knew all of my sense,

Awakened after my mind came to,

and now were given sense to me.

By none other by the one who gave me

My life’s presence.



®Artsydhude 2019

3 thoughts on “NsVs #0007.y88

    1. Tears for Fears 80’s band had a track called “Killing with kindness”. Nah I’d rather be kind and a nice guy and not to be in the cess pool of these nephilistic times. Let your sun be the light in the stars where your path comes to my night. Happy Thanksgiving.

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