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Qout3 me 4 Lyf

S2:e3#Daisho Caper. Netflix Original/Remasters. “Carmen San Diego”(Where in the world is Carmen San Diego)

mts[marker time stamp] 2:01

“Not sure what’s worse,

Not knowing your family


Not able returning

to the family you know.”


Of all animedrama or even the original Transformers (1984) gave me an assurance what I needed that relates to my capacity of living as of now.

Yes I have been living far too long without a real family I can fight for, to defend and be happy of all that rollercoaster of life and keep doing everyday each everytime.

Is it really good that one doesn’t belong to a family yet the only name you are given is and given to you in the streets.

Can we ever have a good life yet the family we belong to we are inclined to rebel that makes the stress stretches 40 years and goes on.

I am reminded of that cautionary fable/tale/myth/lore/theological myth of the first star.

All we are a bunch of rebellious heart and mind eager to grow and in the process of falling either we all stay in our own pigsty of a life. Can we even go back to a once upon a time and have a polyurethane face and belong to what we keep putting up.

The third final choice is, nah let’s leave it up to the day as we all worship the power of our own choice and at night grovel and beg for and of forgiveness.


Netflix productions

Broderbound Software Ltd

@family #familydrama

Analysis/commentary by O.a.M 2019

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