Swing me an Autumn.

Mercy mighty Kitiara,

I am yours just please let be in line of your service.

Off and on Armor.

Oh milove you of your grace,

Your swiftness with a lightning touch on your escape,

Let me ride on my sweet beloved Silvara.

By your hand,

Upon your command,

Your pain and misery shall be mine,

From my fingers to my toes shall be your rivers,

All of my senses yours to break and take.

Mighty Takhisis,

I shall rule in behalf and in your stead.

Write me a song of the love not of




and of my undead emotions that runs where

my well that make my memory

like of my furnace here in my belly.

Mighty warriors of old.

Elmore, Parkinson, Valusek.

Might of your right to write.

Richard Knaak,

Margaret Weis

Tracy Hickman.

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