The Rev3nge of NSVS.

Free this one. That thereof will ever be otherwise. There can be none whatsoever a concept of none. Do exist the love of pure, unethical, morally deranged and yes sweet destructive of that which. . . ..makes my life more to love, a force of. . . UTTER. Nonsense. Begin again, thy mind. Unto thine path of Nemedian tasks of that villian. 🙊🙉🙈♾☝️🆚️♈📳🔋 ©O.a.M ®Artsydhude 97-19 ™XENOphagz Continue reading The Rev3nge of NSVS.

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Lif3. Recognition was there. By all my medication. Lif3. Adherence to all my Persistence to the training of my mind. Lov3. Unrequited are the one who dominated, only so far I loved them all. Lov3. The one whom, Still not here by my lips, is also the 0ne simply delights me at 3am. L1v1ng. As a human being, I shall be. . . I want none. . . Only to serve, the cause of my darling. For she lights the way into a better. . . L4ughter. L1f3. L0v3. Doesn’t matter how much of my hair, Turns into a deeper … Continue reading . . In my


. . i love your memory.I loved you in my own memory.In thought, we loved each other in our way. On actions of our concerns and care,lovers we were. The thing is though,to confess this in an empty halls of dawn, Morpheus shall take me inmemory of you. Nor what fantasy of such lengths. If only. . ,those woodschuck the curds,outta me.💬 😍😍🙊🙉🙈♾🆚️ 🔋📳🆙️⛾ ©O.a.M®Artsydhude 97-19™XENOphagz Continue reading fr.0008888.i9c4