forward to marital complaints.

. 25% 🙊🙈☝️👀🆚️⛾🆙️📳👇 . . . , t. o. emz Madda phacking shiskabobbie. Oh what a good glossary of my monotoned lips. Phracking sunnababich-eng eng. What a lovely content of topics that this carnal mouth I will have when I can, If I ever see that wondrous lovely thick and luscious scolding from U. Pha-ack fhack Phlacking, Shmack dat arrhzze. So u did tell me you wanted out but my kiddo doesn’t want her Dha-da getting a new B. and yes in front of her, Still smear that you cannot be a woman and a wife to me. But almost … Continue reading forward to marital complaints.


. . . , t.o. emz 📳🦂⛾⛾🆙️🆚️🙊🙉🙈⛾⛾ As I have As I were Once was not enough. on a course you knew how much My life wudda,cudda and shudda. Still, Its so phucked and Muddafracking shits that, Yes I went through. Still you kept your devout ways and telling me and my siblings. Respect him enough so to know, you can compare ourselves not to see, And do know what is his Not ours. 👀👀👇☝️👾👽🆚️⛾⛾🦂📳 All art by Artsydhude Poetry by O.a.M Continue reading .21%


. . . , t.o.emz 🆙️🆚️⛾⛾🙊🙊 Please do tell All of my brain Cannot connect what you already did then. Will I ever contrast all of those When I can just compare of then and than, Not of I can and could. Do I use all of my, Energy. Rage. That comes and goes. You kept at me, “Kalmado ka lan” You keep going, “Tatay mo ako, usap tayo.” I know how U r. And I know of who, I AM. I can bear your last name. But I can not give my power of insanity Courses to the vein, … Continue reading .17%