Blank Verse · Digital drawing · free verse · poetry

My pet dhee-ab-bhlow

come here my pet.

come hither to my side.

Come here now to my similar side.

You of all my familiars.

I am yours and you are mine,

not anymore,

no more of my human construct and conditions.

no more fears of all my doubts.

no more blazing tears that spears onto my beige skin.

So it seems you came back after all.

My lovely Prunella,

oh sweetest temptation that suck the marrow of my skin.

oh sweetest devotion that lingers at the bottom in the opening

of that threshold,

to which you slyly coo at my attention.

So it seems you can always count me out,

You do know,

I am staying.

So ask that pet bird of yours,

to come to me,

I have been looking for her.

Tell her I may,

but I dunno.

Let Pheez be the one trail

all embers from here,

to Timbaktu and

Mirkwood to oars of Narnia,

and back.


come to me.

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