Blank Verse · Digital drawing · Drawing/Sketch · free verse · Mixed media · poetry

Please go ahead understand my avoidance of you,

do glance of me ignoring you.

In a way I do know,

that’s your style of becoming someone not to someone,

than to have your time 

you can be honest to say.

 “I haved failed you as a father,

can’t you see. . .

I needed to know if you can fail as one too.”

 I do love all your failures,

each time I fell into and unto all the hells of each year,

passed and past of all my own evil ways of my life.

I wanted none to harbor.

Only Sisyphus led me here by your damned boulder.


I can get out by my own.

See to it when I climb the eternal stairs of all limbo to purgatory.

I will not pray,

I will not succumb,

yet I just have to move no matter

 how much unending emotionless my steps can.

To know of a smile that do awaits me at the end 

of a long trail of a 44th avenue in Melendez territory,

under the stars of St. Michael’s strand 

which of my grandfather ‘s green.



®Artsydhude 97-19

™XENOphagz, XenoGrapx

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