Me cabeza un casa tu casa




I stand before you,

Naked and true.

My bareness not of yours.

My truth can not be trusted.

Nor my faith be withered.

Please I beg you not to believe

all of these words this poet does.

all of these years of quatrain this poet makes.

all of that word do line up with all of it that is pure bs and nonsense.

When all things fail,

I will prevail of my moronic and ironic insanities of my loving cabeza.

As I ask once before.

“Enter with all warning,

Enter and be entetained,

Inside my insanities,

Welcome to my hell,

So you’d know what

Heaven looks like after

You have come out of mine.”

Welcome. . .


To have u.

Leave me alone, love.
I don’t want u here in my mind.
I want and need you by arms,
by my lips,


the one who at will hold me tight,
the one who wioo kiss my troubles away.


the one who validates all of my emotions
and do take care of my heart.
To know I need your lips,
my hips,


horizontal or any kind of posish.
Thing is,
that is not love.
A lust for you,


not a love,
I do utter,
I may under and over you.

Enough of it.

My reason is not enough,
This life is unkempt and
an inept of what love was expected.


Albeit I know not what hate or love
permeates or to transcribe,
maybe even be kissed


by someone who knows,
what it means to comfort,
what it means to have,
how it gives but pure bliss.


My reason then,
it is surely,
enough to know,
to not know
what is
what was.
®Artsydhude 97-18
™XENOphagz, XenoGrapx

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Love is not a word,
Hate is my reward,


Thus all of me no one will understand,
nor a word from me is never heard.
®Artsydhude 97-18
™XENOphagz, XenoGrapx

Ang isang mabait na tao,
dapat lang sagarin.


Kahit paano yang bait nya,
malalaman nya kung makakaya nya
o mahihirapan sya makita ang totoong sarili nya.


And when does that happen it will be a powerful attitude,
not any empty power that is suggested,
or even imbued.


Eventually it is acquired,
thus credited to those,
who oppressed,
who opposed,
and the ones
were his enemies.


He will love them,
in turn at least,
if he can hate them all in a level,
he knows.
He was loved by his enemies.
© O.A.M
®Artsydhude 97-18
™XENOphagz, XenoGrapx




If u were here,

What would I say?

If u were here,

Where would my touch be?

If u were here,

Can I force you at least to stay a minute or a day just to have between us?


You are not here,

But your eyes I do love.

You are not here,

Yet your memories play as streaming endless loop in my


You are not here,

Now I am not alone because u r here for me everytime I need your loving caress.