anxiety and worry · Blank Verse · Drawing/Sketch · free verse · Mixed media · poetry

Chicken pride

My subjects are the sense of my own pride.

I am proud to be an owner of my emotional assumptions,

which takes none of what

truth can show,

truth can give.

For my evidence has no bearing,

of any objective facts lies at the core 

of the divine which leads me.

None to cry nor try,

what can be contrasted but always compared,

that is where I,

grew up on.

grew into.

and where all my family loved since then.

I am to break,

I am to shake,

I need to bake,

So at least the ones do come up,

need not to change,

for they can correct it,

themselves for their life,

incomparable from my pride.





2 thoughts on “Chicken pride

  1. Would you believe in 98-07, i retook my index and second finger only to train it for crayons. and yes this is the results of those years. Thank you so very much milady Zena. May your day always be bright.


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