Digital drawing · Drawing/Sketch · poetry · Portraits


Were I geek once,

now I have so much to rant on.

Were I have the library at 1st and Maine,

now I just go to that table and put you on.

If I can not even touch a single skin any leg, finger nor hold neck.

at least i know you’re programmable at least to amuse me at my terms.

My own Makina,

My own femme bot.

Can I ever love you as one should take care of,

given concern with,

and any tough love that will,

make me strong enough.

Can my legacy be built in silicone,

will my immortality be built on post that can be swiped

and deleted.

Will you ever know any human interaction,

while this innocent shithole,

know not of a touch from

a loving woman,


a young girl

needs of.



®Artsydhude 97-14



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