MiniMacros ds.808

The ink ran

while a magnet canned a can of chips.

A pen moved

while a transistor loved its relay to a motor.

Why did the stylus broke apart

when the user can not seen to seen,

only a wallet that was left at the scene.

Opened and broken and not stolen,

yet its contents have nothing but its own tears

from just this year.


®Artsydhude 97-18

™XENOphagz, XenoGrapx


miniMacros ds.807

A picture of an image

loved those brushes,

but hated and discriminated 

an old no.2 pencil.

Why then all of that

crayons left the scene,

when all of the oils were kept unclean.


®Artsydhude 97-18

™XENOphagz, XenoGrapx

Im4gel3$$ pa.iii

Mindless lessons.


For the one I knew,

They keep what I know.

Sur3 they gave m3 what I am,

Stilk makes me feel I am


For they will keep me going.

With their

Eternal and infinite

Good intentions that comes up,

Nothing more than a guilt ridden

Shame Coz

I changed into

some one they knew,

Who always wanted,

None but to cage.

That of a soul,

They do think

Binds them.

Because I carry what they

Know and have.

Gain me a love of. . .


while all that came,

can not do but to become.


while all smiles and the touch

of a smirk and hot cuties that

look at my face and glow.


to know I cannot and would not

try not to whisper in the air.


coz in that ignorant state 

I am hidden at the face of all

absurdity and adversity.

®© OAM


and you. . .

tell me that I. . .

. . do want to give that which is not mine.

. . do not see your vision.

. . can not give everything because you are overwhelmed by what you fear most.

Let me do what I am supposed to.

Do not be jealous,

If I am to be,

that which you were responsible for that touch,

only some one can give to me.

As it were.

Have I known all the years it shown,

Was I ever 

Did I get any,

Will a feeling get in a way.

I would like at least to be myself,

and first

see what is that,

Four letter word does mean to someone.

Not to me anymore.

®© OAM