Soc-pol-sci-rel. Ish I.1ihs

Upon Eve’s submission.

I am none but my grandmama’s listener.

With Lilith’s consent,

I can be her consenting consort.

Time unfold from ages to all rages.

We as men knew and knows we can be,

or cannot be good to the ones we need.

Yet who is really must be blamed for.

If all problems are pointed to an intangible

and subject to mankind’s weakness.

Aren’t we all to blamed,

Aren’t we all to be shamed.

Can’t all of those whose needs to be met,

are not of but wants.

are needy of humanities desire.

Emotions are inconclusive,

are incoherent. . .

judgemental of. . .

presumptuous. . .

and yes the deadliest of assuming behavior.

I need to say,

I need want to know,

I have to be here,

in a way.

I am too.

Me too, “me too”.



®Artsydhude 97-18

™XENOphagz, XenoGrapx


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