Digital drawing · poetry · Portraits

Pentikoste de Vida

Point 1.

Once upon a lifetime of memory,

whether it was 12 or maybe even at 14.

My life wouldn’t be as much to be seen,

only numbness resided.

Point 2.

Hardness of my soul would not even be there,

if it weren’t for a friend who would at least,

be the one who gave something back.

Point 3.

The best intentions were of your designs,

not mine I complied not because I don’t want to drag a rebellious side,

coz I had to,

in doing so just to survive.

Point 4.

What life would have been,

if it weren’t for images of unending lust of my eyes,

love which I wanted but could not have,

and moments of the memories of you.

Point 5.

The last of the recent events which is now current

of my daily s’s.

Which in turn are deadly to me,

in each turn there is a hard steep choices,

and barrages of non stop S’s;

which I capitulate onto myself.

Realizing and admitting,

I need not describe only to make an adaptation of it,

to know I can try to accept these and make that omelette of lemons.



®Artsydhude 97-18


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