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Said the turtle to the snail,

 “what do you think of my hardcase?”

 snail replied,

 “at least you have a good case, me I am lucky enough to be with you”

the slug in his vulgarity screamed.

 “yo motherfuckers, you get stepped on then at least you be the most shit as fast up thereeee.”


© oam

®artsydhude 97-18



Tuesday’s apyrz.

. . . noon, ngayon at kelanman.

Ang aking diwa nawawala.

Halos wala akong mahita sa mga tamang tao.

Kundi ang maling akala na pinamana sa akin.

For the absolute good intentions,

in their purpose to make valid of sacrifices they have made.

of their knowledge that my life can be,

yet now I am so baffled,

on what I need to be.

Tomorrow is not set or written,

it will be when every microsecond has passed and see its lesson as is.

AuVi cc.y5

One day,

isang araw.

The mind talked to the heart.

M: You n I need to know that, I am fed up with U.

H: What is it this time, with U.

M: Dont you dare tell this mofo, that he cannot go on without ME.

H: How about U to him, not ME.

M: Again with you, come on keep at it.

H: Sure lets give him, cardiac arrest and psychotic break, and lets see who really would be in trouble.

silence permeated. . .


®artsydhude 97-18


NmBc zz.c6:009

yell to the

bowels of all hells.

scream at the top

of all instant streams.

SHOUT. . .

and it will die,

when I hear some one


The situation of its circumstance.

where all of my loving,

footwork can,

ever or never be,

southpaw or orthodox.

I know. . .

I can. . .

and I will,

fight for you.

If you at all least give me,

an effort of your time.


®artsydhude 97-18


Post strez. fp

Were I alive in your eyes.

When you saw me at my greatest achievement,

 if it did matter.

It was only an event of chatter,

behind all that could have talked or even given shelter.

Sure I can,

. . . rant on,

. . . vent on.

. . . angered upon.

Does it matter to you,

coz you knew it was a truth,

a truth that kept you scared.

a truth that you still make silenced in your mind.

So please go ahead and be silent,

in all your days on end.

I will always pray for your soul,

its not I have not given up on you,

I would at least give you that honor,

always to pray for you.


®artsydhude 97-18


Thursday’s transition p2

In all of the things

that were never,

In all of the things

can be done.

How am I going to change,

when all of the past habits,

I am caged in.

Did my boredom triggered all of these,

If it is,

What then am I to change,

and allow my Thursdays to transform me,

and transmutate all of these habits

to be rid of,

or at least make new ones.


®artsydhude 97-18


Wednesday’s journey p2

. . . climb, climb, climb.

To the top of my sorrow.

. . . hike, hike, hike.

With all of the pain to the bone of all my marrow.

. . .stagger, pike and steep.

And when I do I shall conquer all of the things that got me here.

I will fear the fear of life,

which to see that unseen and never go

in between.


®artsydhude 97-18