Amuse me my Muses

My dear, my dear, my dear.

Leave me with not your number.

Leave me with not a face.

Leave me with not even a single word

. . . nor a song.

. . . nor a weep.

let me sleep in my own tears.

let me sleep with all my flawed failures that I will keep.

Then come to me,

as never before.

only to suck and empty those two spheres that can shatter my innards.

then only leaving me wanting not of your lust of my mind.

only to which not to love me,

give me a monster defined.

a seed of that eternal elpis in the shaft of a jar in me.

Let my fire,

be my own desire.

See to it,

I will nurture it and give it shelter and will be its vessel.

I and it will be its own muse.


®artsydhude 97-18



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