Digital drawing · poetry · Portraits

AuVi cc.v7

The regent of my regret,

is not here anymore.

The avatar of my resentment

can come near but does not want me anymore.


we held each other with our anxieties together.

You are without a doubt accompanied me all the way.

This is goodbye.

Kiss Lady Amalthea for me in the land where,

I held all the women of my life.

I dunwanna ask nor beg,

leave me Annie,

leave me alone this time.

For it is Loneliness that is here for me,

in consolation. . .

in consideration . . .

She loves me the same.

Never hurts not gives pain,

 only subsides.

Today is the last we can make things right.

Annie come near, 

One last time 

lets suck and fuck for 5 mins.

then lets. k

see ya in the undying lands of Amalthea.


®artsydhude 97-18


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