Digital drawing · love · poetry · Portraits

Shine me a smile

My dear,

I will come to you,

bearing no idea of gifts, nor pleasure or even 

the greatest hope of treasures.

All of my bitterness of the baggage

first from a past that haunts,

 a rage I cannot deny,

I hold it til it blurs my eye.

This is not mine to give,

will you take it away,

My darling Thea,

My love,

your eyes are my happiness.

your smile banishes everything in sight.

your touch to sense what I cannot.

your love makes me,

what I am not,

for I am weak upon the cradle of your bosom.

for I can be yours of now and the moment

where you lead my emotions into 

a potential in wealth and abundance.



®artsydhude 97-18


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