NsVs x AuVi z.66i

Where is my emptiness does lie? when my mind betrays my heart, inasmuch possible that I keep doing that, not to me, to someone I once held dear. to someone I expected so much, after a bond, it took me into an eternity of misery and sorrow and lay upon the second bolgia what my life laid on. Emptiness may be there, I filled it with my past habits. I can go on like so, where would it get me. In my own degraded thought and memory, I may, in turn I see none but a faint light. not anywhere, … Continue reading NsVs x AuVi z.66i

NsVs x AuVi z.66h

What love of love must I always endure, when love came in across two oceans I swam, to know a fruit of life and light to be joined, not in any kind of sorrow or joy. Yes, I will . . . Yes,I wont. . . but it’s here anyway. I will not endure nor regret anymore of it. I must, will and ever be present and do participate along. Not to pretend, or play alongside nor even be plastic of any sense at all. Yes to Life, Yes to it all. but No, to me. 😎🎭😏🆙 ©oam ®artsydhude 97-18 … Continue reading NsVs x AuVi z.66h