Drawing/Sketch · Life · Mixed media · poetry

NmV 00.a3

Impose on me a love,

not a love of what we are meant to feel,

not a love of it needs,

nor a love between two unyielding eyes of lust of desires.

I would at least have a !ove which none can compare.

of such care,compassion, and that offer none to begin.

Only one can be shared, yet in a way never consenting. . .

. . . only to teach

. . . only to be shown so !ife can start of theirs.

How and where is this !ove I am instigating.

What can I give,

so that which is given . . .

so that which can be taught.

It is already here,



you and me can.

Just by reading,

Just by listening,

Just by looking,

and start itself by the real application from the first and last,

 “Love each other as I have loved you.”

 wanna start?

or can we all still listen and never do anything 

In a wake of our own sins for each other.



®artsydhude 7-18


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