Digital drawing · poetry · reflective

The choice. H.

On a whimper of soft breeze out of the east,
I am reminded of the homeland i knew once.

I took my feet and walked knowing no sense of direction.

I hear a crow spoke in the air, a loud cawing in the distant west.

Once a tale told me,

Go where the sun cannot follow the moon.

Chase that moon into the lands of the sun.

I gave chase to the sound.

I saw a dove perched and stared hard at me.

She said,

young man follow your heart.

young man your mission is not here.

dont follow where you can’t fly.

I awoke with a friendly tongue that slurped me into stickiness.

My love, my darling my Bridget. She once held me as her friend forever.

My darling dog who I once knew when she still with me then.

A familiar tone graced my back.

Pulled me, and gave me a loving tug thena noogie on my hair.

Kuya Paul is here.

I welled up all of my tears,

As I saw the one who recently joined,


She gave me the warmest hug and held me.

A light smile near, all of the loved one dissapeared.

I know him,

He always knew I’d know him by his light smile.

Brother Raphael.

My dear one, let me ease all that pain you come to let go of.

. . . Do not bare it,

. . . Do not share it,

. . . Do not live it.

Learn to unlearn all your struggles.

With a touch,

and the smile.

I am rushed on a temporal quark,

and awoke with a visage of love that stared at me,

lovingly unconditional devoted for me alone.



®artsydhude 07-18


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