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Pw3te #bl.oi:001

Letters to a pader

Oo, anak lan ako.

Ang dapat at katungkolan ko palaging tumulong.

Eh paano kung ang tulong ko sa inyo,

iba na. . .

di ko na alam kung paano ma ibigay.

Paano maging anak kung ang puso nya

punot dulo lahat hinanakit.

Kung ang inyong nakaraan ay sobrang lakas sa inyo,

At ni isang magandang ala ala ay wala,

kundi yun ang nakikita.

Alam ko na kung bakit ako ganito.

Salamat po sa mana nyo sa akin.

Your past is yours,

What you see in it,

will always be yours.

Carry it,

Never let go of it.

Because today I am free,

I may have your namesake,

You may have given my physical essence.

Today I will and be free from you.

I want to see and be with a jolly bellied happy man,

who wants nothing but a long good life.

I am free,

I am taking my past, yes.

I will see all the goodness,

I won’t deny of all the worst,

and yes I am allowing life to be what it needs,

Coz I need to have it behind me.

Not beside me,

Nor beneath me,

And always keep reminding me of what it wants.



®artsydhude 07-18


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