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The choice. T

To the south beam, a headline spelled H.A.D.E.S with a strikethrough in the middle, and corrected a greek name under the headline:


With a glance of the last letter lingering and wavering,

the depths of my soul shivered and a breeze of anti-freeze,

A negative temperature of the coldest Freon I can remember.

 I can sense and see a woman up around the bend.

With a gesture to behold,


Come Hither,

come near,

I myself will be your eye,

I myself will be the guide.

Dante would not come to you,

Virgil and Canto will not dare come near me.

Don’t be afraid,

My love.

I am here for you to know Tartarus

is a place of champions,

not of those who think otherwise.

As I am fixed on her words,

A face of old came,

From Bone to flesh,

Dipped from Styx,

This time Charon would have loved to come along.

He bowed,

As he knew this time,

That loneliness is with me,

Yet she is of 

To all things gathered,

In the magick of the heart.

There she stood,

My heart in volcanic vitals,

My flesh frozen in fear,

My mind devoid,

My soul ablazed in pure euphoric sense.

Only a god of old can surmise,

Only a god of old can take,

Only a god of old can hold.

There Hecate knew,

Were I one of them,

Nonetheless she gave me a full blown kiss.

And asked.

 “Would you like to stay,

Would you be here in a fallen state,

All that once can not be broken,

All that once shatters at a single mishap of your emotions,

Once a love can only be pure,

Once a love likened to have so much demure,

You can,

All control,

And none of it all,

is yours.

One rule,

You must submit to the demi here,

You must submit not to me,

Only Kronos can make you


or be a peon for his amusement.”

 as my head wavered,


and all sensations normalized,

all vitals neutralized,

Hecate took my body and laid me as she

would be a mother lovingly.

The last I saw,

and heard.

 My love, I see you are fit,

But I need you to tell them,

All these.

I love you,

I think you would have been a good demi here,


I love you my love.

See you in my dreams.




®artsydhude 07-18


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