Digital drawing · Greco Romano · Mythology · Portraits

An open letter to Lady Demeter,

Mighty huntress, I am missing your shine as of late. 

For I am devoid of your nights subtle winds. And of your hours on end. I am still born to believe in your own field, that I need your shine on me on an empty sky filled with all the glory of constellations near and far beside you.

I am asking nothing, this letter is not for me. Yet I am no ambassador of all humanity, it is an open gesture from me to see your Mother Gaea, to be healed so my daughter can grow to love what nature can offer. She saw you on a night, I know in some delight you saw her smile.

I implore you my lady Demeter, please help humans to see their old majestic and ancient respect for you. To know not of escape and tend to your magnetic love of your mother. 


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