NmV #00.a3

I found an old pen,

I tried writing with it,

It found my heart.

My love flowed from its ink.

My heart knew what my mind couldn’t see.

With all of its ink dried.

What I read out,

The words were not mine,

It said,

 “Love again,

But not people,

Love again,

Not a person.

Love again,

Not yourself.

Love again,

Only the one you know.

Love your own better self,

Love the bitterness of self,

Only then to enjoy what love means,

Only then to love everything and everyone.”






Pho-m :57

“What is love,

Baby dont hurt me,

No more ”



Many thanks to love,

A love shared by true lovers abode,

In Trystan’s cup he did admit and accepted,

If love should ever live then til now,

Isolde would have vengeance upon her lips

As would Juliet’s wanton lust  not for Romeo’s breast.

Knowingly that love suffers at the core of being,

Understanding between a man and a woman’s love

endures while one can assume power not only in emotional,

only a love unrequited knows to kiss the floor first than

the lips of that lovers lustful smother upon each other.





Ode to mornings

Once upon a purple moon,

All grounds were bought from a store,

Which the bucks were really quality star.

Of its ground sold everywhere, I loved it then.

Now I have to bare a granule of a tablespoon

only which to pour on a cup of mornings

that start my body to shake and shiver,

Only to deliver from 2 to 5 pieces of work.

Albeit to my hands,

It will starts like no other.

Only stressed emotions sparks all over

when this caffeinated mind works over.





M tee-ness #42

These days were so filled of the madness which of my emotions and dared

to thrust all of my tongue to dry it out by talking all of my negative side.

Then only when it emptied,

I knew where to park my mind,

Unto its unkind vehicle upon a spot where no one can see,

that unhinged wrecked,

and yes a battered worned out and decapitated,

automaton of a mind that wont rest until

it was empty of its fuel and oil.





AuVi .00088

The problem of all negativity is when the positive is happily laughing at him.

Thus the laughter makes it more unbearable for negative to be happy.

That jolly gay and rambunctious laughter makes negative wants to murder

positive ‘s face in.

The more she laughed and negative hid its face, started to walk.

Positive said to him,

 “Why so glum?”

 “Keep on laughing, k. Lemme alone”

 “Your a joykill”


A reminder for us all, laughter sometimes isn’t good when someone

does not want it.





NsVs .5n9

A hill which all bills,

are meant to see none

of all those shinning ones.

Where is the pen so one can sign,

Yet at the tip there would be no ink in sight,

Only when that secretary have to look

for a pen only to know she didn’t order,

coz there wasn’t any budget at all.





AuVi .00081

To you my good Sunday,

It has been a good radiance upon the day where everybody goes out to the houses of holy. Sure,Theology will make you just be another day that the past did record.

Ra made you an olde god, Aurora was your counterpart.

Then what is a name beyond names.

All I know that you are here, although some will want you to be “funday”.

For me, I will ask none but to make of you will become to shine and radiate.





NsVs vs NmBs .452

Dearest of days,

I would like for you to know,

I am here to state from the days of old and into the newness of things.

I wanna remark and remind that you have been never an inspiration nor influence on anything, yet you are there.

Never to guide me nor to remind me, only to be beside me all the way.

Thank you for the past and present, for there will never be a future without the two.





Tbc 3

Have faith in fate.

Believe in destinies.

Trust the mind of the heart,

Life creates what it did destroy

where you think it was,

Will never be.

Nevermind what happened,

In time,

She will conspire with space

They will give you a breathless kiss,

lovingly giving you what heaven feels like,

only to remember where hell was once there.