Digital drawing · poetry


That dark kept me,

in my days.

This light loved me


Knowingly no one can make

my life complete,

Only a light can keep me away

from societies

discrimination. . .

alienation . . .

bigotry . . .

Above it all,

How much I hate their ways,

I am no worse than them

hating their idolatry and promiscuity,

having pride and proud on my righteous ways.

If I can keep this light on,

If I can put it on an unlimited supply of energy,

that does not go out.


Only when,

After all. . .

Am I not human,

To make the nightlight fall.

To never put this light out.

To assume that . . .

If I will turn it out,

I will give up and make the call,

surely I will head out and seek Virgil

and head towards a dark winded astrayed pitfalls.


Inspired by Sarah in La la land’s challenge #1

By ohms.

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