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Gratefully yours

When I started this Blog on a ordinary October. I saw all its potential.

But somehow something inside me said, yell, scream, shout, put all the things that no one can ever care about. Milady Palmer told me once that I have been in the dark too long that she will show me how to bask in all shades of what life can bring. 

2016, a loving girls of the community shared and gave me companionship here mostly by Drem. She lifted what little or any sleep and of all my memory that needed a jump start on. With Mr. J Dizon gave me is a real shot of cortisone in my noggin. To be basically awoken by my own flaws, faults and my shame of myself that needs to bring out.


A year of unending rollercoaster of hi and lo’s of all  system shock.

And one very cute and furiously unapologetic loving Elle, that gave me my last anxiety 💊. From her it took me where I needed to be.


Still in progress, knowingly I am and very grateful for all people here in WordPress community,

 especially Yassy for she is my eternal love in that space far above me.I will always see her from the dawn’s to the midnight sky 

and we will dream our life beyond the stars.

Thank you my deAries, thank you

 and you do appreciate what my verse and prose can bring. . .

Shout out to

milady L.palmer

Mr. J dizon

Drem, wherever you are now.

Elle, i could kiss your cuteness till you tell me to stop.

Yassy, my heart and dreams of you wont change and can never stop.

To the poetry community,

Thank you and thanks for the love you have shown me,

I am in debt to you and

Will always be a slave 

and servant only to the word

 that was given to us all, 

from his influence and inspiration.

May it take you to brighter days

 and better tomorrow in so many ways.

5 thoughts on “Gratefully yours

  1. What wonderful acknowledgements! I am a fan, always, even if I’m not around much these days. Caught up in my own adventures, but not too far away to hear your voice in the night when you call out… 😀

    Wishing you continued success on your blog, and peace and happiness in the world beyond…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would not be as much a success story, coz one lady palmer gave me a reason to believe and gave me my strength where it was lost. I do love your inspiration and May the Lord above always be with you.


  2. Ohmz, I just saw this. It’s drem. i just saw this in an email. i will message u my personal contact info so we can stay in touch.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Can you contact me at the personal email address I supplied you? You can also add me on fb- Delia Rose. I’m the white girl with dirty blonde hair and violet nails holding a phone.

    Liked by 1 person

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