Das punto de linya c1:i1




It said in its beginning,

. . . “In the image of us”.

Then let all those,

Who keeps to contradict,

Who keeps all hypocrisy,

Who keeps all records of its societies.


Wait. . .

He did said it best,

Two of each kind to be with “us” on that same boat.


Which one is it.

One or two?


Wait . . .

If there is good

There has to be evil.

If there is a male, the other female.

Ok. . .


Then yes,

There has to be two.

For if it were only one,

Then reproduction of life was asexual,

Not intersections of life.


ยฉOliver Melendez

ยฎohms, artsydhude


Oh no, no moh. . .

Let the words paint a picture,

Let the sky bleed its auburn horizon.

As the sun sees you in your room,

Hiding. . . 

Crying. . .

Tries all the tears of your skies.

Fears all of men’s spies.

So please,

Paint me my pain.

Please. . .

Don’t let all my wounds heal again.

It will be the colors

Which will be my gallery

To see my selfish gain that which can be attained,

All of it can start again when I leave the day to sleep,

And mourn at night and let them see,

How their mouths affect. . .

How all of it infect,

When they keep my pain intact.

Knowingly it starts again and again.


Sorry out of images, illustrations, drawings on this one.


ยฉOliver Melendez



Fold me a path.

Corner 1.

Set the stage, set me up

Set my mind, list all the characters

Lift that hand and be called.

Corner 2.

Let the snake loose,

Let all birds fly,

Make my minds eye see without sight.

Make this nose bleed into the stainless carpet.

Corner 3.

All altitude of others attitudes come forth.

My stance will shift from left to my right,

As I will fight, love, laugh and keep them within my sight.

Then in time with all of my being

I will end it all with pen maybe a pencil too,

Without no paper in front.

Corner 4.

An end to all beginning

Will be my downfall,

Yet in any end,

It marks a start of a new stain,

Where my life began when you did not love me at all.

There He will put me in a garden,

Where Eve was kissing Lillith,

And they welcomed me upon where all life

Came beside me,

On a bed of orchids,

Withers and deny everything of my wants

Yet the needs of everyone starts to unfold.

As i wake up with no one beside me.

Only a cold summer’s dawning telling me,

Wake up my love.

Wake up.


ยฉOliver Melendez

ยฎohms, artsydhude


In between lines.

Stimulate me,

Indulge me,

As i pull up.

I drink in this cup,

A love of words

Spoken and written,

Maybe sometime in the future

Could be read,

When I am not around,

And arguing with Plath, Dickinson,Poe 

Yes Twain too.

See you around in a day or two.


ยฉoliver Melendez



NmBc m30

Look the into the light of the night.

Look the dawn is aching again to diminish this light.

What sleep does bring me into my reality.

What sleep brought me unto all the fantasies.

Where is my love?

Where is my heart?

In my horizon I see none but that destination.

In a single step I know I can be there,

Not with these feet,

Not with my eyes,

Little or no motivation to keep me accompanied along the way.


ยฉoliver Melendez



NmBc n35

If I am against my heart,

What for is the reason that my mind can take.

If my mind is away from the heart,

Logic assumes the responsibility of my superego.

When and then that now understands,

What for are things against for

 but never gives in 

nor and in turn,

Yet it gives way in a clearing of a blue skies,

Here in my rainy misty mind’s eye.


ยฉoliver Melendez




That dark kept me,

in my days.

This light loved me


Knowingly no one can make

my life complete,

Only a light can keep me away

from societies

discrimination. . .

alienation . . .

bigotry . . .

Above it all,

How much I hate their ways,

I am no worse than them

hating their idolatry and promiscuity,

having pride and proud on my righteous ways.

If I can keep this light on,

If I can put it on an unlimited supply of energy,

that does not go out.


Only when,

After all. . .

Am I not human,

To make the nightlight fall.

To never put this light out.

To assume that . . .

If I will turn it out,

I will give up and make the call,

surely I will head out and seek Virgil

and head towards a dark winded astrayed pitfalls.


Inspired by Sarah in La la land’s challenge #1

By ohms.

NsVs aeiou:v.v

Pour me a bottle of words,

There I will swim,

And drown myself of all sentence structure

Upon all clause are the cause of a paragraph

That will be an ending of unending fallacies.


ยฉoliver Melendez