Digital drawing · poetry

NmBc 15d

Hope lied to me,

Truth buried me,

What then do you do,

When the abyss loved you.

Where the abyss always dragged your carcass.

How the abyss keeps you in place.

I say you take what you can,

And laugh at THAT abyss

And let it take you places 

And make it as you can.

Knowingly it may,

Knowingly it can,

Will it spit you out of its pit?

Will it spit you out when it does not benefit?

Then can life begin easier,

Or will life comes at you harder.

Have I come here in front of people as fodder.

For them to judge, discriminate, and prejudiced.

How about neither to either,

‘coz no matter what I still do,

I am one of and with

That which is 

Once upon a time was and will be of,


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