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Dear Past,

You and I have given each other so much of life,

Yet none can compare all my experiences with you.

Seems to be somewhere along the lines of trust and betrayal, you did remind me where to place those things somewhere along the line.

I can now discern that distinct difference between what was, what once held and things does repeatedly makes sense and those doesn’t.

I tried working with you, it was good. I tried not to, it didn’t do me good either. Used your model with all the lessons and yes I have learned the best ones.

Here we are in 2018, 34 years later; however and how much you can come up again and again. Thank you, still I do hate you though coz you were are always kicking me in the shins adding always “It should have been, ‘dapat’, it could have been.”

 well tough luck for me,

At least I am lucky enough to have you at my back, never in front.



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