NsVs vs NmBs 330

Share me your inspiration,

Dare i steal that influence of the mind

That which perspire and divide my attention.

So please make me excuse to make your teArs

The pain of all the yeArs.

I will borrow the past

To know,

Why Odysseus were given a choice of life beyond regret.


AuVi aa.z7

Smother me your legs,

Love me with your arms,

Yet your mind is a host

That never lets me roasts.

Yet your love is never done

With a fork that knives

Can truly separate what love from

And make do of thing’s said and done.

NsVs vs NmBs 332

I was not of here,

Yet I,

Not am here.

Always my mind is mine,

That this heart is not confined.

Then what is a life when you can 

Be any other one truly think it is

Greater to appreciate all the people.

Greater to be reminded how you were, areand still.

Then give it,

With all you got.

That which was once given who know not,

What was taken.

NsVs vs NmBs 334

I found a penney on my mind’s shore.

A lost thought on unending sea of thoughts.

It negated and surfed all of my wallowing

The message said clearly as a fresh mountain dew once spoke;

Anchor this metal and all your days will be steady as my  love for U.

In this sea of my dreams,

I knew then you were always looking out and loving me the same.

AuVi aa.z1

Once upon a moon where its shine as was the sun.

It left me wondering why all firmaments

Can topple like any other.

Yet my emotions cannot be any of the same,

Then only then your fingers rolled to me

As a high sun can

To warm my love that cannot be anyone,

Only yours to have on a summer’s dawn.

AuVi aa.z3

Life, you are and always be hell.

Love, you are my instrument that which is given and yes my heaven.

Light, you cannot enter here but always does make my life better.

Dark, you comfort me and console my nerves into submission yet i cannot live in your light. Only which still befall my character.

Shade, of all things you do gather what Dark and light mingled with love of life is, was, ohce and shall ever be all things yet none the same.