Le fleur de gallz, cuzies 023


Ns wat905

I found you

as a gentle flower.

You found me

in my beautiful


We bled together


a delicate and loving


that was given to us

from a love beyond need

and our own selfish notions.

WpB 096

Deal me a deck of yesterday’s pain.

So I may use a poker face to bluff my way out of scheme.

And to put in, all in,

so I can lose each time and learn

to deal what today can bring.

NsVs vup009b

The light of day has dawned at last.

I saw the midnight sky and it told me,

stay a while and love my coldness.

Then I saw that fork upon the road of night.

I dont have time to traverse its way,

a path I took long time ago,

when all the nights of no slumber,

nights of weariness of this soul,

who needed none but an image

on a vcr that flutters,

and its remote always losing,

only the wind beneath the cover

does give a sensation of gratifying images

of women in my dreams.

Then of that entertainment where all controllers

are dead on arrival of its battery at the precise time of 2,


contemplate me now a memory of then.

WpB 097

Back away Annie,

you mother of anxieties.

You have been at the heel of my past,

you take away the presence of the moments present.

So Please,

away with you woman,

don’t step at my door,

and keep knocking as a 

blond babe that makes me drool.