Soundbites i3. Activated Theorems.


UNV 0029

… … …

I’d wanted and always need to be grey,

than conform to black and white of things.

At least those scales of balance is off my shoulder,

and see where i can follow life,

not to its excess

and extremes.

NsVs 678ghij

. . .

let destiny awaits,

when fate is cruel enough,

to let you hate the one your with now,

coz that is what you dont want,

but in time you would have needed.


Be better at what used to be.

Be that one who tried to be.

So love and care

would last forever,

than hate and scorn.

Then where do i follow

when all of yesterdays bitterness

comes not now,

but the focus i see each time

you shout at me.

Be that someone I used not to know,

only which

the black forest ham i used to love

to have it my way

when you used to kiss me

in a sardined subway.

I would like to justify

my word against you,

thing is i kept my word

and got silent

when i saw your

irrational face.

and the word

was enough for me

coz i know

in time,

it will be. . .

it will be sufficient enough for me.

En Progressia

Try to move

as one.

Dare to move

and be the one.

Then you would have known,

what it truly means

What progress is,

What progress does.

It can move mountains,

travel from sea to ocean

and back again.