Then it asked. . ,

Take my hand my dear child,

I will make something out of you.

Take my hand you will know how tell em of easily,

what is anger

what is hate,

my dear boy.

Dare them to see that all you are

sweet innocent of the dark,

knowingly all of it are shades, then with that beaming radiance.

Wud u fly from,

be stoned from its radiance,

or become something more than you can ever imagine.

Wanna be Man?

or becom3 who you are,

take my hand child,

i shall take you away,

i shall take u inside of You,

so shall it be,

wanna trust me?


Β© oliver a. melendezβŠ™β– D3D14$/ VDL C7:9 / B2:96


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