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Ma arteng buhay., DeLinya p5



A ghost in my system

that moans deep,

asks for sleep.

That never dies,

as soon my i open my eye.

Is it me,

or is it inside me that can

and will me love an undying one,

that will never stop.

coz this one



until the clothes meddle

under the doobie that

scooby and shaggy,

they will not stop until, no more scooby snack.

Follow me into this. . .

life i held,

life i once knew,

life i kept.

That in time,

that space,

that came in between.

And all thoughts gathered and does assemble,

in this old swinging hipster of a dude’s heart.

Knows not but to hope,

to hope that there is a light that never sleeps,

and will bother,

wherever and whatever

fate decides,

destiny collides.


Its good to be dead first,

than have been alive in the first place.