Upon the three

Oh migthy babes,

you who gave love,

gave sense of hope,

and a sense of worth of my own,

Come to me once more,

so shall i let you go for the final and last step

in which I need to partake of a sweet caramel in which your lips gave me.

Jo. A,

all the years past, since i was not even nor U were, i loved u and gladly be off U.

Jo. R,

you aided me in my time, you gave me shelter from my pain in your car, i wanted U, but could not have, i am

loved by you, but i want none of your kisses.


It is to you, i am whole, its is to you why i am like this, but no, I will love U all my life coz, U needed me

when i didnt want no one.

X phactore p.59



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