em. prompt u. “Knowingly. . .” b2.c1

One may know how to conquer without being able to do it.

-Sun Tzu / Art of War.


In order to bluff,

one cannot pretend any senses.

At least the opposition knows it is intimidated by his own fears,

not yours.

-X phactore pg.19



Dare I deny. . .

This heart of mine,

to have an eye to which i hide my blindness.

This heart of mine,

for my touch cannot hold my own.

This heart of mine,

in the level of the sound of good.

How can i undesrtand;

when to use my igorance,

not to be ignored,

to be smart enough to know,

when I am ignored.

The betrayal of the note.

In my adagio, i became a turtle.

In the diminuedo of things to be, i flew as a butterfly.

At the height of my staccato, as erratic as ever.

Then i crashed upon that crescendo, I bellowed as i screamed to the stars asking,

“why do I. . . . . “