6th step.

As would a rock plummet into my face.

Did i ask to be thrown at it,

or was i thrown to it.

Hard choice and decision make the most out of it.

Soft voice and silence are my extensions just,

to know I went through it all,

and yes I don’t question,

I know when I say,

I lived, survived and now I could be, 

but i know I am not alone in my life that at least to say,

I accept my life as my own,

as my constant,

as my lesson.

So I may give this,

hopefully someone will take it and learn how to live and die,

each passing day.


O, lo ghee. 1st e10

Why would the pencil hated the pen,

When the pencil is unlimited in his ink while,

the pen needed plastic to hold her down.

Ahh the headache of it all.

Why must question suffer any

incessant bantering of any question that,

does and does not matter in which the filler paper do,

get at the butt end of it all.

7th step

To define that which of you are in need;

You and I have,

a stage, and a role to play through the drama of it.

To define that when it has been accepted;

You and I will know,

when it is time, to fold that hand and just,

bluff, barter, deny and keep on the denial.

What does it take to accept the hand,

when the hand just simply asks you to trust it,

be willingly enough to accept that its enough to know,

we must trust acceptance at the value of it all.