Em. prompt. u… 00.a

D.aily R.andom Q.uoted V.erse

”  1. . . . , The art of war is of vital importance to the State.”

—–>>>¤¤ SUN TZU.

—>¤ The art of war.
to what end of all it,

why does the state of it

but yes

it promotes

it does have a cause

to which Orcs and Goblins

grunt, smishes, smashes, shouting matches

yet an innocent fresh meats in the process

gets swallowed whole.

Yet in the affairs of any state,

we are to be minded, and to remind

that which can be capitalized

and if what happens

on any given terms,

us hobbits,

need to know one thing.

To the prancing pony we go,

to the prancing pony we down a pint.

Let anybody know,

where Merry only knew

what it meant to be

a vital importance

of any given state.


Tracing paper and pencil

April c.17


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