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Seiza Morta undt de la Nova mi vida Decima.


em. prompt. u…2b The Reckoning



Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.

-Sun Tzu 



Go ahead,

try try, try my patience.

Go ahead,

make a move,

i will groove into your beat.

As soon as you are… hmmm



Well Try this one.

Let’s see,

round two?


c17m30 @rtsydhude= Martial Musings


How to know thyself : Tenses


my life was in. . . 

a state of permanent state of “done”.

Today what shall i be. . .

what would I,

hey its today;

Worry not right,

lets go crazeee.

Its Humpalefa day.

Really am i going to worry,



@rtsydhude c.’14


How to know thyself: Reflections

You were born into this world,


doesnt matter how much you die in the process,

you still end up crying at the end.

Whether some one does that,

or yourself end up that way.

Why bother, when one can

see the limits what history holds,

see the past as it takes you,

by its grasp.

Or make sure this one,

when you go out,

you make sure,

when you rest;

make it once,

no more redo’s.


@rtsydhude ’14.


The past

told me,

how to predict.

yelled at me,

get out of here.

Why even bother going to you,

i just want to see what i did wrong then,

in so doing i know i can see where my mistake,

where i know i can learn from you.

We dont want you here. . . ,

wait what did you say?

I need to learn from you.


@rtsydhude MA musings c17m29


Some say you have to 

move on,

but how can you;

if all the lesson are not learnt.

moving forward,

when the sins of the past;

keeps on.

We keep brushing aside the facts,

we keep ignoring what pain led you here,

If that fraud, Freud tells us to,

Syko Babbling is nothing but,


Then why as an outpatient keep coming to you,

Sy ko ducklings,

If we can not move forward.


@rtsydhude c17m30


How to know thyself

Craft your own end,

silly willies that never ends.

Stick to reading,

but use play as a means of working.

Take this robe,

put it on.

Hide from the world,

and se3 with your kids eyes

that it will guide you on your way

to becoming yourself.


@rtsydhude c17m30

Full Capacity

I will do this,

I would have jammed your pretense,

I shall avert,

But my knees,

will be mine to relax hence,

on my fist I will open and prevent

my demise.

Dhie Rushke


left and right.

Missiles in and over above the head.

Logan to my left,

O’conner on my right,

Sarge on that Hill,

Cap rushing like a juggernaut,

Xavier that old geek nerd, but knows where to deploy.

Scott absently jarring every ammo in that damn warhead.

Then my hand does nothing but,

be a triggerhappy nutjob.

“Castle stop jamming so much ak, ther3’s no more Shit-heads. You got em all”.


To all servicemen of United States of America. I salute you.