Once upon a hero: The saga continues…πŸ’ͺ😣

Days are numbered

Nights are measured

by my sight

I count the stars,

south of the pole

North by west

I see none,

I hear no one,

I give to no one.

But you the one i did ask for,

a while ago.

You answered your silence,

You answered by tone in which no one can utter.

So please,

lets not

and say

yes we did.

Give me a real reason why should I.


Then it is settled
The thing we founded

the thing we still do 

is it evident?

is it alive?

is it fed?

If we cannot even try

If we cannot give

Then why do i have to,

Then what am i looking for,

There would be nothing to do with anymore.


Oops, i saw that,

Oops, I have her.

Now i know

Why i have to be,

For her.

Sh3 is my reason, 

Sh3 is my quest.

It will continue

as long she is with me.

Sorry You’re name is?


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