Burlap Wedgie

Oooh how fun,

i see all of you fresh meat,

I am so happy

I have playmates that i can not count,

but onto business.

Seek and enter the glorious maze

then in the center you shall find your life,

a life of wanton fame

a life of glorious riches

you need only to do one thing.

Kill the one, 

then you will be victorious.


In this state of mind

i see my life has nothing to come about,

my pain

my suffering

i will it end as i end someone’s life.

Sure give me room to maim,

like an animal cages within my walls.

I am abhorent, a mockery of a man and of animal.

Sometimes i dont know which one i listen to,

still this thoughts beguiles me,

aaahhh i can smell the fear

i can taste distress upon this i one been preying,

what is their life to me,

now if i can only sneak onto that clearing,

and see if this one

get so scared it’ll piss itself to shambles,

ahhh thoughts,



Febraury artsydhude, 2017

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