In Nike’s arms

So you see this eyes of mine

That left my mistress for you

Why then does she call me away from you.

In the place of my own Ithica

I tremble and get weak near her brine

Yes I have the happiness in which this house can give.

Then in your fated mouth

An ill gotten Nagging constant and consistent.

I need an excuse to go to her


go ahead and leave me

you cannot come back just like that.

Thats all you can do

keep leaving me of your Argonauts.

The ocean, the sea, the brine is all you keep yammering.

You raped me for the last time

After the last ill gotten children of yours

Three i might add.

Seriously leaving me alone always by my madness

Should not gave you everything at my weakness

Should not have betrayed

first my father

second my family

third my legacy

at least they treated me as a goddess.

You lifted me in a bit

Used me just

so you can rule your hatred towards

your father

your lands

your lineage.

All this for Fleece,

a fleece that festers in the heart of greed itself.

Here i come,

i shall stoop over this steep one.

I want to come home.


Based on the life of Jason and Medea

artsydhude 2016


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