Kwiphiz en 1

Happiness is the misery we all must face,

before living on the life we will ever need.

Then yes, it is Misery that presides first,

Happiness will always be the one reminding

that is a fruitless goal.

Enjoy life anyway.


Feb c.17 @rtsydhude


Let not be

the one to be so enamored in ways.

a way to see shelter things under.

To think the weight of a subject

has no value then the object itself.

Will you ever see the value in you,

than keep having quality materials

which extends the superficial living

we all need and wants,

so there is no limit 



can give and devour us all.


April c.17 @rtsydhude

Reasoned Season

Not a day goes by,

not a night well spent,

yet my life,

goes unending


to see

that i cannot be the one to decide.

Who then makes a better than day before.

Oh heck and hell of it,

let J. make a way for me,

coz i want to be tired.

Let J. make me see without my ears,

coz i dont any of these anymore.

But If;

No more “If’s”.
Then it is settled.

Let him decide now

and preside,

and make his glorious mercy upon me,

so it can pass to my precious flower

and sh3 n33ds it more than me.


Halfway done  c.17


Fated to be

my situation.

the control in which i am in.

Then my lovely Belldandy,

would u kiss me fully.

Can your arms of yours

my cute atropos hold m3 in place.

So in time, i can be and see

a very sweet smile upon me,

my Brunhilde 

as you take me in your;


so please swallow my fated life.


The locks  c.17


Ill Destiny

Thus th3 stone was thrown

In case of your vida

Will it be written maybe even forgotten,

Things are purposed for your reason

what was taken can be granted

Knowingly you’d know

if and then and when

still dont assume to consume,

knowingly it is just a 



The Maiden, c.17