No end 

in sight that which blurs my face with these and more fluids coming out of two caverns after these 

balls that pours out

All these in one setting

dare i measure how much my palpitations heave with my head caving in then only when i take my leave

when my feet stood on its hairs and stepped on the gravel and sand thus my eyes clear and looked up

while It poured on me and washed away all of this and to know no matter how people keep on taking

and giving, but that which was unseen knows how much no one can see it knows not to give nor take

without emotion but its timing to make a person significant and in its wake make a person important 

to give





without words not action not even a single thought yet it has something far reaching than a womans

touch a voice of a child a companion of a man still make known that it is there not waiting not wanting

in turn it is something may it be said or not

yes it is there. And yes it does want us nor need us but still exist not knowing but it is there.


obot assembly 2012



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