Cherries on my tongue

Life, love, philosophy, poetry, principles

says none

but asks 

am i sweet enough for you

am i ripe enough for you

did i give that orgasm upon your throat

I say to you oh sweet cherry of mine

Not yet

but soon

when i caress you

gently roll my rough fingers

and when i pluck you from your stem

take out your clothes and took your seed

then throw it just like so

for me

to ravish you

to ravage you

and just eat you 

like so,

But i will wait

unto th3 ground 

i take this

seed and plant and see you 

blossom not here

not today

but i will someday

Lets meet

where we need to

say 2030 in Kyoto,

or maybe even 

in Okinawa

where we will meet

where we can give 

each other

And see you blossom

into a scene

no other guy

can see

no other man can make

only a beauty

that was and is and shall be

that God meant it to be,

see you there.


obot assembly 2012



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