Where are my


tools when i need it

ego and my id

when i wanted to use them

can i use them here at

my fingers

so i can control

what i cannot

so i can weild

how much to know

in so doing

I am applying what to be said and done.


Mech 2010 artsydhude


In this shade


of my day

at the valley of my brain

Death comes not the way it meant to be

but as a silent warrior 

weilds an armor that


yet i can breathe freely

without a mountain to look up to

i see cassiopeia


and alpha centauri

triangulates my position into

the valley of me.



Say a word


and maybe we can

and it should be

and can we

try to be more

do the things we use to

be a better lovers than we were


March2017-Burnt one-artsydhude

Has caffeine


been in there way too long

been in my vein far too long

it has come to this

that the fluid has nothing more

that became any other


thus i drink something 

and anything

that suits my buds

or just sip anyway

i choose.


March2017- Going back- artsydhude

To be 



so as to love

that defies hate

not as much fear

but doubt goes into it

that when it does come up

goes to the brain

yet the heart wont filter such thing,

the madness of it all

comes none


yes so shall it be like a wind 

a howling worry that doesnt end.


Abstractum 2017 artsydhude

Glorified food


So it seems

another year

another measured 

and marked day

but all the years since then

i knew none of what it meant

Happy Birthday.

Three years after the 4

no matter how many

and few of it

and this weary mind kept at it.

Yes it is

and it will be




Bheng and me.

Old enough


to see my flaw

to act my age

and to know i have been there

but no

I want to be a kid again

but no

I want to grow up with my daughter

but no

I want to fall in love

and i duncare if i have to

be a teenager in lust

so what,

life is what we see it

life is what we take it

life is. . .

what we need it and want it

so at least to say

live by day

die at night

wake up with a smile

sleep in the morning light.


Mechz-2 artsydhude 2009