love:definition pt.3

For us 

he gave everything he can.

Warned us,

gives chances,

still he uses the law of free will,

yet somehow in the process 

we all cannot even fathom

why did he ever give us an eternal grace.

When his son graced this planet

then some of us

did follow

some of us


some of us

used his model for a better living.

All is was never be,

but alone to admit


and commit

for a single prayer

and ask not from our material needs

but to ask to embrace

what he really meant

and keep giving day to day.


love:definition pt.2

We all make use of it

whatever we can be apart of it

then why does it reverse its flow

when it stops and it goes on the other end

only show up to reverse again.

So if it can be used anyway we want it,

why cant that emotion be any else than

just a four letter word,

when anyone can say it,

without having of a feeling of it.

love: a definition pt.1

a word by any means possible is and will be uttered unto women

why would a word be uttered yet its is shown through an act 

through means possible of reproduction

procreation and in some level fornication.

Of all things

Romeo did not really

but after which 

they did or did not deserve death because of it.

if after which Siegfried

came to Brunhilde

only an emotional treachery,

not really given to,

but she thought otherwise

because of it

came falling apart

Odin rebuked her

because of it.


2015 art archives 



Opened eyes

with a smile on my face

while my lil one

screams for almost 3 minutes.

on a note where

it could have been higher than yesterday

but no,

I will let her

coz she makes me 

smile til next wenesday 

or maybe even til the month of May.


Phoebe and Ate J

January 2017

Why o why

did i

even blink,

did i

made myself think,

did i think that way

of u,

Where would be my underwear

when u gave me a look 

that made me wet

from my mind

into that bed.

But this will

make me think 


when we touch

each other’s


Now that we also partake each day

now that we try and be better for our lives

becuz one flower

makes it worthwhile.

V is >



Why must success always be there when every defeat comes in the path

that a personal life comes in the process of things that are always in flux

Day to day we wake up,

night after night sleep induces us to see within.

What more life can succeed over glory,

when day breaks into a promise

that new things comes from old.

U might be



under there

yet if you can only utilize your abilities

then comprehension can be attained.

Then it wont be at the bottom where it keeps you crawling,

that you can stand up

and have anything you want.

T = 2

be transformed

be thorough

be tommorow

of all things that was the past

transforms and mutates it to be 

my present course,

as it presents i will

make that a lesson day to day

as to say,

I have time 

to make it



2015 artsydhude