Eye cry

Eye die

each time

Eye see the sea

Eye huff 

Eye puff

each time eye heave my breathe unto the air

that Eye see.

Please someone blind me so 

Eye can hear

my heart

and be the one who would see my life before me.






At face value

Philosophy is nothing more than one’s mantra in life

Sociology has been a life among the mass

Psychology deals with difficulties in life,

Mythology is everything we reason what is

what was

and still is

Then if all aspects of that which behaviorism is studied,

why cant i just go back to basics

and keep that applied sciences and go from there,

there is no point in studies

when it cannot be applied

in all areas of my life.

Fear not

the dark,

for it is comfort for me

the light,

it enlightens the situation

the mouth,

for it is partial

one to hear with open eyes

one to see when the ears are shut

the people,

we are all ignorant with what we know and dont know.


Oak maidens



M is



all we are magicians

to our craft,

it is a skill in which all has

that is having an expertise in something we are good at.

It is something we can work on

it is we can accomplish

and never get tired doing.



artsydhude 2015

L is >




then why am i still here?

Kasi kelangan ka pa ng mga tao

ang mga taong nagpapaka tae


ano pa ba dapat gawin eh di

wag mag pa epal

at mabuhay araw araw kasi

Binigyan ka pa ng extra

Ni Kuya.

Kaya wag kang mag pa epal


Magmahal sa mga tao

kahit ganyan sila.


So to speak

yes we learn



and for the moments of every single microsecond,

Laff it off




Why would i need it 

when i cant even go to it

Then I must go through what needs to be done

its a process in which case

trial and error are the ones that will be my bible

coz that which i am getting to

cannot be,

why ?

I take it coz i keep winning every thing in sight

but when i lose it

then I’d know 

I have achieve of it means to have,

i have acheive it not by my






I take it and  bask in the concept of

i take it and glorify in its inception 

coz i know

Failures have more win ratio

than Success rate,

its 10 to 1.

Not the one

to say

to give up

to make it go away.

Yet to know and apply 

the things of nature

To that extent

there is a way

there is a form

what it is and meant to

But in the end

We cannot

and dare not

Not to give up.


As he labored the twelve

Hand and foot in twine in the labyrith in his head

Fame, glory, love and revenge at play as he stones my Kraken

Wits alone can be the main strong points of life,

Then this fab four of

are the only ones

that can be more influential 

than any Olympian

Eto na naman


at umi iling ang aking puso.

at na i irita ako sa mga labi mo,

Sige ganyan ka pa at mag tampohan pa

Coz in the state 

of me that ailment of my emotional heart

I’d rather be the one to duck and cover

than to control the situation.