Days has 

been here

and gone

yet my effort remains.

been here

and flew 

like a rain in a storm

where the eye of it was a tumultous past of my eye.

been gone 

for sometime

then back again to remind me

i can go back to feel the memories

so i can taste those bitterswet meloncholic aftertaste 

and lovingly be sentiment of its loving nature.

Come sweet days of old

here i am take me as i am

take my mind

take what is left of what i can still hold,

reap my seeds that i took once 

reap my fruits of sweet torments,lingerings, and what dwells beneath me

Coz to-day is another one

to hold

to cherish

and be fearful of tommorow

so i may set my sights what every minute of the current one 

can unfold.

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